Vlen Lo


Vlen Lo is a Given with a knack for design. Like many members of Vlen’s family, he was born into slavery under the Hutt’s. Members of the Lo family was sold into slavery 5 generations ago. Usually Given’s want nothing to do with Hutts. Unfortunatly, Ackra the Hutt decided he wanted NEW slaves. He found that while subjugating Weequay and Gamoreans was useful, a proffesional sentient traffic ring crimelord like Ackra needed to prove that he could break-in smarter and more useful beings for the high end slave market. He noticed that Givens are odd, mysterios, creepy-looking, and overall socially alienating to the rest of the galaxy. He also noticed they were good at organization, could remember a lot of useful facts, and could survive in very harsh environment. He realized that they would be very useful, and most people wouldn’t go out of their way to help a given (nor even interact with them), so they would be the perfect new addition of ‘assets’ for him to acquire.

He arranged for an small given run freighter to be high-jacked. He was able to capture 23 Givens from that freighter (3 died defending it). The Given authorities to this day still don’t know for sure where these people went. They suspect it was slavers but it’s hard to prove since the Hutt’s jammed the Given ship’s communications before it could send out a distress signal. Hurling the rest of the ship into the nearest sun after capturing the Givens aboard and transfering them to the nearest ‘re-education’ facility also helped destroy the evidence.

The orignal Given slaves are dead. But they all proved VERY useful. While it is not the norm for a Hutt to have a Given slave, it is growing in popularity. Givens make good book keepers. Givens make good legal and extra-legal exploiters. Givens help organize things. They also have a very low rebellion rate as long as you keep their numbers down. Any crime boss wouldn’t want more than 3 Givens in his house.

There is the issue of breeding, but most crimelords with Givens don’t mind helping their Given slaves find a temporary mate with other crimelords in congical visits or by artificial insimination. Most crimelords know to check a Given’s genome before attempting to breed them with another Given to prevent inbreeding. They may be evil, but they also want their Givens and their offspring to be top notch. A mentally retarded Given is virtually worthless and often killed.

Over time more and more Givens went missing, but the Hutts generally went after only fugitive, exiled, or born off-world Givens. While Palpatine tried to avoid working with the Hutts and Black Sun, he did relinquish many Givens into the hands of lower level crime rings due his humanocentric order and the odd demand for such intelligent creatures.

While some of Vlen’s line has NEW blood, part of his family comes from the orignal expirement of Ackra. He is part of Umbriga’s (Ackra’s successor) slicer unit. Unlike most Given slaves, he can go off on his own to accomplish missions. But he also knows that if he doesn’t return after a certain amount of time, a death-mark and/or bounty will be put on his head. Regardless, he goes along helping to defraud and scam people for the Hutts AND gain valuable info for them.

Vlen Lo

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